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יישוב לשם

Instead of Hachmei Lev: A new Haredi high school yeshiva

The new yeshiva will open in Elul for Haredi families nationwide who seek to educate their sons in the path of the old Haredi high school yeshivas (Haredim, ibid.)

‘Sashimi” to Gaon Rabbi Feinstein: The Six Orders of Torah handed out at Oraita

Marking “Sashimi” for Gaon Rabbi David Feinstein, the Oraita Haredi high school yeshiva held a special event, distributing the study of the Six Orders of Torah in his memory (Olam HaYeshivot)

Instead of Dancing: “Clickers” at Nishmat Yeshiva

The Haredi high school yeshiva in Jerusalem found a creative solution to replace the Hanuka party that could not take place due to COVID: A quiz about Hanukkah traditions with “clickers” at the Beth Midrash.

Ministry of Education: Oraita Yeshiva high school ranked in first place

he Oraita Yeshiva high school was ranked second of all high schools in Israel, positioning it first of all Haredi high school yeshivas, “It is a certificate of honor” (Haredi)

Gaon Rabbi Lau: Pfizer Vaccination? Courtesy of Torah on “Zoom”

All of the scientists now seeking a cure for COVID at Pfizer, Moderna and the Biological Institute in Ness Ziona - their justification is that they seek the open windows”

For the first time, Haredi high school yeshivas: An educational journey “Mifgashim veDmuyot”

Within the program, highly praised by many educators, yeshiva students are introduced to spiritual leaders whose biographies present the power of the spirit and their dedication to Hashem and His Torah. Students are entitled to listen.

Watch: Rosh HaShana for the Trees at the Lithuanian Yeshiva

Chedvat HaTora Yeshiva in Jerusalem conducted a special Sitz for the eve of Tu Bishvat, as presented in the Holy Books. Guest of Honor Gaon Rabbi Zvi Lau and Baal Menagen Rabbi Shmuel Greinman at a special Sitz

Gaon Rabbi Lau: “We must be proud of our uniform”

Gaon Rabbi David Lau Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Israel, with a message at Nishmat HaTorah Yeshiva: Where every team is proud of its uniform, a yeshiva student must also adhere to his identity and spiritual character (Haredim)
לשם ויקיפדיה

Gaon Rabbi Lau’s message to students entering yeshiva gedola

Chief Rabbi of Israel, Gaon Rabbi David Lau, delivered a lesson to students of Nishmat HaTorah Yeshiva and guidance toward entering the yeshivot gedolot; ‘The most important chapter in a young man’s life is the transition to yeshiva gedola’ (Olam HaYeshivot)
לשם מועצה אזורית שומרון

This is how the students prepared to receive the Torah at Daat Tvunot Yeshiva.

The days leading to receiving the Torah at the Daat Tvunot Yeshiva in Jerusalem will stay with the students for many years to come. True to yeshiva tradition, the days between Passover and Atzeret were also filled with enriching spiritual experience that will leave their mark on the yeshiva students for years (Olam HaYeshivot) Read more

Hanuka at Oraita Torah VaDaat Yeshiva

An impressive Hanukkah candle-lighting event was held at the Oraita Haredi high school yeshiva in the heart of Jerusalem

The rabbi of Nishmat HaTorah who challenges the parents

As tensions grow between parents and adolescents in the aftermath of the COVID crisis, one educational counselor at a Jerusalem yeshiva found a solution (Haredi)
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