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What is a

Haredi High School Yeshiva?

An Haredi High School Yeshiva is a yeshiva where religious studies are taught at a very high level, similar to excellent yeshivot ketanot, while providing general studies toward obtaining a matriculation diploma.

Various communities

Many Haredi High School Yeshivas have been established in recent years.
Haredi High School Yeshivas can now be adapted to the nature and community affiliation of each and every family.
Hassidic and Sephardic yeshivas now offer a solution for specific populations whose students come from families of veteran Israelis or new immigrants.
In addition, alongside yeshivas specializing in students from religious homes,
yeshivas have also been established for families of Ba’alei Teshuva, French immigrants and more.

| Yeshiva scholarship

The cost of operating the Haredi high school yeshivas is very high, yet it should not be imposed solely on the parents.
A scholarship fund was recently established to provide for youths who are suited to such education but were unable to attend due to the high financial hurdle.

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